The Humble Baker of Vermont

                         Cakes and Fillings





All of the Humble Baker items are made from recipes tested and approved by the Humble Baker.

All cakes are custom made to your specifications, and consultations are made by appointment at no charge. Prices will be discussed at that time.

Tastings are also available.  The following varieties are offered.  Please feel free to request a flavor or type of cake, filling, or covering that is not listed.


Cake Types and Flavors


Butter (vanilla, chocolate, marble, lemon, almond)


Chiffon (vanilla, chocolate, marble, lemon, almond)


                                                Carrot Cake


                                                Poppy Seed


                                                Pumpkin Spice


                                                Cheesecake (various flavors)


All cakes made by the Humble Baker are brushed with simple syrup to ensure moistness.  Liquer can be added to accentuate the flavor of your cake.  Ask the Humble Baker about compatible flavors and liquers. 





Italian Meringue (vanilla, lemon, almond,white or dark chocolate)


French Buttercream (vanilla, lemon, almond, white or dark chocolate)


                                                Fudge Icing


                                                Whipped Cream


                                                Fondant (traditional white or various colors)









                                                Pastry Cream


                                                Cream Cheese Icing


                                                Chocolate Cream      


                                                Fudge Icing


                                                Lemon Filling


                                                Whipped Cream


                                                Coconut Walnut Filling


                                                 Raspberry Jam


                                                Fresh Fruit