Humble Baker Wedding Cake Contract





Contact _________________________Date of Order & Deposit  ________


Phone Number______________________ E Mail____________________________


Date of Wedding ___________ Time of Reception___________


Name of Reception Location and Address____________________________________


Contact Person at Reception Location and Phone Number______________________________________________________________                  

Florist and Phone Number________________________________________________




Approximate number of guests _____________________________________________


Cake flavor(s) _____________________ Icing Type____________________________


Filling(s)_________________________ Liquer in simple syrup ____________________

Shape(s) of Cakes _____________


Assembly ___Tiered ___Stacked ___Combination


Decorations and/or Patterns____________________________




Fresh Flowers_____Arranged by _________________________


Type, colors, and amount of  flowers needed_____________________________________


Equipment Needed _____________________


Pick up arrangements for equipment after    event____________________________________


Picture supplied?                 __Yes  __No



Other Needs


6” cake in box to save?        __Yes __No


Base Price per serving:        $__.___


Additional Costs


Butter or Carrot Cake          $__.___


Cheesecake                         $__.___


Filling                                  $__.___


Fresh Fruit                          $__.___


Liquer                                 $__.___


Rolled Fondant                   $__.___


Total Price per serving         $__.___


X  Number of guests  =        ____


Subtotal for cake              $____.__


6 inch cake to save               $____.___


Icing flowers, etc.                $____.___


Rental of Equipment            $____.___


Mileage(outside of

   Rutland County)               $____.___


Total amount due day of
the reception                      $_____.___



Less Deposit                        $_____.___


Final Total                         $_____.___



After acceptance of this contract by the said parties, signatures will bind promise of full payment by the customer for goods and services rendered.  In the event of breach of contract, the deposit will be forfeited.


The Humble Baker does not assume responsibility for assembly and/or condition of cake after delivery to destination and inspection (by the Humble Baker).

 Extremely high temperatures due to weather conditions and lack of a cool environment at the appointed location may adversely affect the condition of the cake.  The Humble Baker will take every step possible to ensure a quality product.


In the event of unforeseen circumstances preventing the Humble Baker from fulfilling the order agreed upon as stated in this contract, the customer is entitled to a full refund of the deposit and any money paid to date.


If you have any questions or concerns about this contract, please contact The Humble Baker at (802) – 446 – 3020 or  email, 


Please sign both copies and send one copy back to the Humble Baker in the stamped enclosed envelope.


Please make check payable to “Cheryl Niedzwiecki.”


Thank You


Signature ___________________________________    Date___________


Signature ___________________________________     Date___________